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What does Prive do?

Prive Technologies is a financial technology (fintech) company that specializes in providing digital wealth management solutions and services.

Prive Technologies offers software platforms, tools and services designed to help financial institutions, wealth managers, and advisors streamline their operations, enhance client engagement, and improve the delivery of financial services. These include features such as portfolio management, risk assessment, trading tools, client communication capabilities and much, much more.

How can Prive help me grow my wealth business and/or AuM?

By leveraging its digital solutions, Prive empowers firms to efficiently onboard and engage clients, construct and manage portfolios, and provide personalized financial advice. These tools not only drive cost-efficiency but also enable scalable growth and compliance adherence.

Furthermore, Prive's data analytics capabilities offer valuable insights to inform investment strategies, ultimately attracting and retaining clients, resulting in increased assets under management (AuM) and long-term business expansion.

How does Prive charge for it's advanced wealth management platform?

Prive employs a pricing structure that comprises two major components; a one-time upfront fee for implementation and annual SaaS fees.

The one-time implementation cost encompasses a range of professional services, including system setup, configuration, data migration, integration, quality assurance, testing, training, and platform customization to align with our client's specific business needs. This upfront fee reflects the initial efforts required to get the software platform up and running efficiently, ensuring a smooth transition and customization to meet our client's unique requirements.

The annual SaaS fees represent the ongoing costs associated with using the platform. SaaS pricing is based on a subscription model, where clients pay recurring fees at regular intervals, typically annually. These fees cover a range of ongoing services, including license to the software, maintenance, infrastructure costs, monitoring, support, security and updates.

Is this Prive different from the Prive restaurants I see around town?

Yes, we're different from the Prive restaurants you may see around town (particularly if you're in Singapore).

That said, we're happy to help you make a reservation at the Prive restaurant for a sit down to see how we can do business together :)